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Breakout Session:

Driving Business Forward with Responsible AI

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Highlights Of This Session

Driving Business Forward with Responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence is the topic of many conversations these days, with all of the outcomes it can lead to., especially among boards and executive teams. Yet, technology leaders are left with questions about how to implement and manage the risk of these tools effectively. This presentation will share key insights on how executive technology leaders can and should be strategic in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, which also helps manage the risk and future-proof their organization.

Key Takeaways

  • Future proof your organization's cyber security
  • Understand the cyber risks you need to focus on for 2024
  • Leveraging new technologies and understanding what's next in the pipeline

Who Should Attend This Session

  • Cybersecurity professionals interested in new technologies
  • Executives focused on strategic business design for data and assets
  • IT professionals looking to streamline technology & business

About Your Speaker

aaron shaver

Aaron Shaver

Dr. Shaver is an industry leader in digital business models fueled by emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Security, Automation, and Real-Time Data Analytics. His passions for emerging technology and solutions lead to his endeavors. Dr. Shaver has successfully launched products in digital and traditional business models spanning technology, agriculture, animal health, hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing. He has an extensive telecommunications, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence background. OverPower.AI began with the desire to harness the power of artificial intelligence in risk management for Banking, Healthcare Manufacturing, and Logistics. Dr. Shaver’s emphasis on authenticity and his commitment to integrity drive OverPower.AI’s mission. 

Overpower at a Glance

Easily deploy, manage, and scale your corporate cyber-risk management without compromising.

  • Make cyber-risk management zero-touch by leveraging risk analysts to do the work for you, resulting in an always updated ISO 31000 Risk Register.
  • Save hours of manual work by leveraging our turnkey compliance solution, resulting in expert authorized assessment and reporting documentation for your organization's regulatory, statutory, and certification needs.
  • Maximize risk mitigation and minimize operational impact by leveraging our team to contact, collect, and complete due diligence on vendors that provide technology to your organization.
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