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15 Minute Spotlight Session:

Observe.AI: Contact Center AI that Drives Business Outcomes

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Highlights Of This Session

Observe.AI: Contact Center AI that Drives Business Outcomes

Built on the industry’s most accurate AI engine that analyzes 100% of interactions across channels; Observe.AI maximizes agent performance, pinpoints new revenue and coaching opportunities and up-levels quality assurance and compliance. This session will discuss The Live Conversation Intelligence Platform for the contact center, Observe.AI 

Key Takeaways

  • How Contact Center AI is changing the industry
  • How to use AI in customer experience
  • How Observe.AI is built with Conversational AI

Who Should Attend This Session

  • CEO
  • Customer Experience Leadership
  • Professionals Interested in AI Landscape

About Your Speaker

Observe.AI- Mandi Jarman
Director, Channel Sales

Mandi Jarman

Mandi joins us today from Dallas, TX and has been with Observe.AI for 2.5 years. She's excited to share how AI has become THE hot topic over the past few years and how Observe can help your team. Originally from the suburbs of Detroit- Go Tigers!  

Observe.AI at a Glance

Boost contact center performance and drive business outcomes. Faster.

  • Get more value out of every interaction with AI
  • Take performance to new highs with real-time guidance, targeted coaching, and automated workflows driven by industry-leading AI.
  • Observe.AI is built on the foundation of a contact center-specific large language model (LLM) and Generative AI.

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